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New Arrival wrote: "Next week my mother's piano is being moved to our house. We are trying to figure out the best place to put the piano when it arrives. Is it true that you cannot put a piano on an outside wall?"


Dear New Arrival: Congratulations! It is exciting to be getting your first piano. In the past, when homes were not as well insulated as they are today, it was not a very good idea to put an upright piano on an outside wall. With homes constructed and renovated to current "R values", you may put a piano on an outside wall. However, please keep in mind that pianos, on the whole, prefer to be cooler and damper rather than hotter and dryer. So, try not to put your piano beside or over a heating vent or cold air return grate. Also, remember that glass is not a very good insulator, so putting your piano with the back facing the window will ensure that your piano technician has plenty of work. The direct sunlight will also affect the finish on your piano. So, if you must put the piano in or near a window, consider good window coverings to provide some protection for your piano. Whenever I go into a house where the piano is beside the fireplace, I am reminded of a song frequently heard at Christmas time: "Pianos roasting by an open fire". Enjoy your "new to you" piano. Remember to let the piano settle into its new home for three or four weeks before having your technician tune it.


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Fun Fact

A piano professor at the University of South Florida uses a working grand piano as a kitchen table!

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